100% Hand Made

After 15+ years in TV news in 2016 I set out to finally work for myself. I have always loved working with my hands and enjoyed woodworking as a hobby. The hobby turned into a passion that eventually turned into JHM Wood and Leather crafts. Along the way I discovered a love for leather work and combined the two into one business. The principles are the same, the attention to fine details the same, and honing each craft is an art in itself.
I love to do things the way the old craftsmen did, hand tools only. Each leather item is hand cut, hand stitched, and hand finished to order. Each wood item is done with traditional hand tools from hand saws to hand planes. My motto is quality over quantity. You may not see a ton of mass produced items in my shop, but you will see meticulous, 100% handmade items just for you. I am a one woman shop everything comes directly from me. I hope you love every handmade piece I make as much as I enjoy making them for you.

~Jennifer Hannah-Murphy